Why Spring Is the Best Time to Have a New Furnace Installed

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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Have a New Furnace Installed

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Have a New Furnace Installed

12 March 2019
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If you ask your HVAC contractor what season is the busiest for furnace installations, they'll typically tell you it's the fall. It makes sense—the weather gets colder, people start thinking about heat, and so they tackle renovations like furnace updates. But while fall may be the most popular season for furnace replacement, it is not necessarily the best one. If you can manage to plan ahead a bit, spring is a great time to have your furnace installed. Here's why.

You may get discounts on last year's furnace.

Just as car manufacturers release new models each year, so do furnace manufacturers. (Some may only do so every few years, but still, new models are coming out all of the time.) There's nothing wrong with the previous model of furnace; it just might not be quite as fancy and efficient as the newest model. For the average homeowner, it makes little difference. In the spring, furnace makers are phasing out their old models and phasing in the new ones, so you may get a discount on an older model. 

Your home won't be freezing when the heater is being installed.

If you replace your furnace in the late fall or winter, you'll be without heat for at least a few hours while the HVAC technician is working. In the spring, the weather tends to be pretty mild, so your home won't get as chilly. If it's 60 out when your HVAC contractor is working, for example, the coldest your home will get is 60. You can easily turn the heat on and warm it up those few degrees when they're done.

You can actually try the heat.

The downfall of replacing a furnace is the summer is that you can't adequately try it. You can't really try the furnace and see if it's capable of heating your home when it's already 85 degrees outside! Even on a warmer spring day, there's usually room to increase the temperature of your home so your HVAC contractor can be certain the furnace is working before they leave.

Your contractor won't be so busy.

Spring is a slower time for HVAC contractors. They're not out repairing air conditioners yet, and the season for furnace repairs has mostly passed. As such, your contractor will have more time to spend on your project, and they may be more flexible in scheduling the installation around your schedule.

Contact a furnace installation specialist for more information.

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