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3 Bad Things That Happen If You Never Clean Your Exterior AC Unit

10 October 2019
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When it comes to proper maintenance of your AC system, there are several steps you should never neglect. However, there is one part of proper AC maintenance that gets neglected more often than most: cleaning the exterior condenser unit. This unit has thin vents that are meant to allow airflow through the unit, but these vents commonly get clogged with dirt, leaves, and grime. Here is a look at some of the bad things that can happen to your AC system if you do not have the exterior unit cleaned regularly.
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Can Trouble With Your AC Indicate A Lurking Heating Problem?

17 September 2019
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As the warm months wind down, it's time for your air conditioning system to take a much-needed break as it tags in your home's heating system. If your house is like many modern homes, however, then your home's air conditioning and heating have something in common: the forced air system. Your forced air system includes the thermostats, ductwork, vents, and blower which distribute cooled or heated air to every room of your home.
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Is It Time For Central AC Replacement In Your Home?

12 August 2019
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During the sweltering months of summer, having a working air conditioning system can make all the difference when it comes to comfort in your home. However, if you have an older system or if you've been running into maintenance issues with your existing system, you may be thinking about AC replacement. Of course, new air conditioner installation can be costly, so it's not a decision you'll want to make without careful consideration.
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How To Get Ready For Your AC Installation

3 July 2019
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Having AC installed can make your home much more comfortable during the heat of summer, especially if you didn't have it, previously. Preparing for a first time AC installation is very important, so that everything goes smoothly. The following information, along with guidance from your AC installation service, can help you get ready. Inspect the ducts In most cases, your installer can use the existing ducts that were installed in your home for the furnace.
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Safety Tips For Heating Systems

27 May 2019
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Heating systems are necessary during the cold seasons, but these systems are also dangerous if you don't take care of them or use them properly. The following are a few measures to ensure your heating system is not a danger to your household. Maintain the System Every heating system requires regular maintenance for efficiency and safety. The exact maintenance services depend on the system, but cleaning, lubricating moving parts, and ensuring all electrical connections are intact are generally universal requirements.
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