Reasons Water Is Dripping From AC Vent

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Reasons Water Is Dripping From AC Vent

Reasons Water Is Dripping From AC Vent

15 December 2022
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An AC is an indispensable appliance in most households as it helps beat soaring outdoor temperatures. However, like most appliances, your system may experience a malfunction and start dripping water. You should know that leaking vents will reduce the cooling output, and your home could suffer from water damage. Additionally, your electricity bills may increase as your cooling unit struggles to maintain the set temperature. Therefore, contact an AC repair professional to diagnose the system, identify the issue and remedy the malfunction for peak efficiency. Below are the reasons water is dripping from the AC vent.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

Your AC uses a filtration process to ensure clean air circulation. However, these filters may clog with contaminants, which reduces their efficiency. In turn, this restricts airflow in the system, causing the evaporator coil to become too cold, ice up and hinder effective heat transfer. Subsequently, the frozen coil will thaw when the system is inactive, resulting in water dripping from the vents. Thus, you clean or replace your air filter to prevent secondary damage to other components.

Insufficient Duct Insulation

Proper duct insulation is essential in ensuring cool air from the AC remains at the desired temperature and doesn't leak out. However, if you fail to insulate your ductwork adequately, warm air can creep in and cause condensation within the ducts. Consequently, you will notice water flowing from the vents. In addition, water in the ducts may create wet spots, which are ideal breeding grounds for mold. Therefore, it is best to have a technician insulate your ducts properly. Moreover, they will fasten and seal the connection points between ducts to prevent leakages and sweating.

Clogged AC Drain Line

If air filters clog with pollutants, they may restrict airflow. More so, the dirt and other debris may bypass the filters and accumulate on the evaporator coil. As a result, these contaminants may infiltrate the condensate during heat transfer. Over time, dirt, lint, and grime may clog the drain line, preventing water from flowing. This causes the drip pan to overflow due to a water backup and water accumulation within the AC vent.

Unrelated Leak Above Your Ductwork

In other cases, water dripping from your vents may have nothing to do with your AC unit. For example, you may have leakages along your water supply pipes that result from age-related deterioration and high pressure. Note that if these pipes run throughout the walls of your home, they may lead to water dripping into the ducts. Thus, you should patch or replace your supply lines to prevent leakages from damaging your ductwork.

Water from your AC vents may cause significant damage if you fail to address it. Therefore, you should schedule repairs with an air conditioning repair service for peak performance.

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