3 Ways Choosing An Experienced HVAC Installer Makes A Huge Difference

Some HVAC contractors are able to perform tasks beyond the heating and cooling system work that you expect. Click here for more information.

3 Ways Choosing An Experienced HVAC Installer Makes A Huge Difference

3 Ways Choosing An Experienced HVAC Installer Makes A Huge Difference

18 July 2022
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Installing a new air conditioning system is a large expense, but it's also a significant investment in your home. While it's natural to want to save as much money as possible, cutting corners can mean living with an HVAC system that's poorly suited to your house or even unreliable. Choosing good equipment can help, but it's only half the equation.

In addition to getting the right air conditioning system, you also need a competent and experienced installer to help you purchase your equipment and get it into your home. If you think your installer doesn't matter, check out these three ways that choosing the right installer can continue to benefit your home for many years.

1. Correct Sizing

"Right-sizing" your home's air conditioning is one of the most important things you can do to ensure its efficiency, effectiveness, and long-term reliability. HVAC systems that are too large or too small will struggle to keep your home cool and may require more maintenance and repairs throughout their lifetime.

However, choosing the best size for your home isn't always straightforward. Many factors, such as your home's size, insulation, and other characteristics, can influence your capacity needs. A skilled installer will consider these factors and perform a detailed residential load calculation to determine your precise cooling needs.

2. Local Recommendations

The major HVAC brands sell nationally, but their popularity can vary substantially from region to region. Although two brands may offer relatively similar reliability and performance, one may be more common in your area than another. Although this may not seem important at first glance, it can make a big difference if you need parts quickly for a repair.

A contractor with experience in your area will know which brands offer the best reliability and local service. By choosing a well-regarded brand that's popular in your area, you won't need to worry about quickly getting your system running again if a problem arises in the future.

3. Long-Term Support

Many installers offer warranties or long-term maintenance plans, both of which can add significantly more value to your installation. By working with a reliable and experienced installer, you'll have the support you need to keep your air conditioning system running reliably and efficiently for its entire lifespan.

Working with your original installer for long-term repairs and maintenance also ensures that your technicians will be familiar with your equipment. As a result, they'll be able to deal with repairs more quickly and ensure your new AC has as little downtime as possible.

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