3 Reasons You May Need To Call A Residential AC Repair Company For Help During A Heatwave

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3 Reasons You May Need To Call A Residential AC Repair Company For Help During A Heatwave

3 Reasons You May Need To Call A Residential AC Repair Company For Help During A Heatwave

21 June 2022
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If you have an elderly parent living with you or someone in your home has a medical condition that affects their breathing or ability to regulate their body temperature, an AC breakdown could be an emergency situation in a heatwave.

Unfortunately, heatwaves are hard on air conditioners, so they could potentially break down then. Whether you need emergency repairs for health reasons or you just want your AC working again soon because it's hot and miserable in your house, you'll need to call a residential AC repair company right away. Here are some common problems that cause air conditioners to stop working in the summer.

1. The Condenser Fan Motor Burns Out

The fan in the condenser is outside where it's hot, and the condenser may even be in full sun all day where it gets extra hot. The extreme outdoor heat along with the heat created by your air conditioner running might cause the fan motor to overheat, burn out, or just stop working. If the motor stops, the fan stops turning.

The reason the condenser has a fan is to blow heat out of the condenser and to cool the condenser coils. If the fan isn't working, heat builds inside the condenser. This may cause your compressor to overheat and the refrigerant to lose its ability to chill down your house.

When your AC breaks down, call a residential AC repair company and describe your situation. They might advise you to turn the equipment off to prevent further damage.

2. The Heat Could Cause Your AC To Run All The Time

Your AC is designed to drop the temperature in your house to the thermostat setting. If the outdoor temperature soars, your AC won't be able to keep the temperature in your house at the thermostat setting even if it runs continuously. You might need to increase your thermostat so your AC cycles on and off as usual. Your home will be warmer, but your AC won't struggle and strain.

Running continuously drives up your electric bill. Plus, when your AC strains, it overheats. The strain can even trigger a safety switch that shuts your AC down. When your AC doesn't work at all, the temperature inside your home will soar too. An AC repair technician has to figure out why your AC stopped working so they can make repairs.

They may need to reset the AC and the safety switch to get the equipment working again. If parts were damaged due to overheating, some parts may need to be replaced too.

3. The Excess Heat Might Blow A Fuse

Your condenser is hooked up to a disconnect box that contains fuses. The fuses allow power to pass from the electrical panel to the condenser. When the condenser is under strain, as happens during excessively high temperatures during a heatwave, a fuse can blow. When a fuse goes, your air conditioner won't operate.

Replacing a fuse is simple, but if you don't know how to do it, call an AC repair company for help. Since the fuse is part of the electrical system, you may not want to attempt repairs yourself just so you stay safe.

Another reason you may want to call a repair technician to replace the fuse is so they can figure out why it blew. Your condenser may need repairs to keep the new fuse from blowing out too.

Contact a residential AC repair company for more information. 

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