Home Energy Efficiency Audits: Understanding The Many Benefits

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Home Energy Efficiency Audits: Understanding The Many Benefits

Home Energy Efficiency Audits: Understanding The Many Benefits

13 April 2022
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Because of their sheer numbers, residential homes and apartments located throughout the nation rank among other major consumers of energy, such as the manufacturing industry and agriculture. With energy prices rising sharply, understanding how energy is used in the home setting is the first step in finding ways to reduce energy usage and the costs associated with it. A home energy audit is a tool that can help homeowners get detailed information about the energy usage in their home that can be used to make critical usage changes, replace inefficient appliances, and make home improvements that can help improve the overall energy efficiency of the household. 

If you are interested in having a home energy efficiency audit performed in your home, this information will help you understand the benefits you may experience. 

Home energy efficiency audits are a tool to be used regularly

While an initial home energy efficiency audit will help homeowners find and address inefficient energy usage in their households, it is only an entry point. Energy usage within the home environment is constantly changing, often due to factors like human usage habits or the age or condition of the structure and its appliances and systems. Scheduling regular home energy efficiency audits every few years will make it possible for homeowners to more easily discover and correct developing energy inefficiencies within their households before the problem becomes more expensive to address. 

Home energy efficiency audits offer health and safety benefits

While this type of audit focuses on energy consumption inside the home, it can also offer important safety and health benefits for the family who resides there. The screening processes utilized to discover electrical and heating fuel consumption problems can also be helpful in discovering potentially dangerous situations like hazardous wiring issues or propane or natural gas leaks.

Additionally, home energy efficiency audits performed on a regular basis can provide important information about the home's ventilation and humidity levels. Homes that are humid or improperly ventilated are less efficient to heat and cool and more prone to the development of harmful mold. Excessive humidity inside the structure can also make breathing more difficult for persons with some types of health conditions, such as those with respiratory health concerns like asthma or allergies.

A home energy efficiency audit performed by a trained professional can help homeowners improve their ability to monitor humidity levels and discover potential problems, such as hidden plumbing leaks or condensation issues caused by faulty windows, airflow obstructions, or insufficient venting. 

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