4 Noises That HVAC Systems Make and What They Mean

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4 Noises That HVAC Systems Make and What They Mean

4 Noises That HVAC Systems Make and What They Mean

3 November 2021
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A new HVAC system usually makes some noises, which often come from the fan and blower. But, when the sounds start growing loud and disturbing, just know that all is not well with your heating and cooling equipment. In this article, you will learn more about these unusual sounds and what they mean to help you look for an HVAC repair service at the right time for solutions.

Squealing or Screeching Sounds

In most cases, these noises happen when the fan belt is damaged. It could also mean that the motor needs some lubrication. Whether you have a damaged belt or the motor needs some lubrication, you need professional HVAC repairs right away. Lubrication might sound like an easy task, but you should know that some makes or models are a little bit complicated to lubricate. Besides, you might not know the correct lubricant to use.

Slapping Sounds

Slapping often sounds like something hitting against another. Such noises mean that there is something trapped in the blower's fan blades. To confirm that an object is trapped in the system, the noise will only pop up only when there is airflow. Usually, these slapping sounds do not affect your heating and cooling appliance, but they can result in other damages inside your unit. So, call in a technician for repairs and remove the trapped object even if the equipment is currently working perfectly without hitches.

Banging, Rattling, or Clanking Sounds

Banging sounds also come from the appliance's furnace blower. However, sometimes the motor could also produce similar sounds. These sounds usually mean a loose or broken part, and unlike slapping sounds, you should not ignore banging sounds. When you notice them, turn the system off and look for an HVAC repair service right away. The expert will decide whether to replace or repair the affected parts, depending on the level of damages.

Clicking Sounds

As for clicking sounds, it means the outer compressor or inner handler is faulty. Since you cannot pinpoint the exact cause for the clicking sounds, engage a professional to diagnose and do the necessary repairs.

Sometimes, the clicking sound may be originating from the furnace, which mostly happens when it is too cold outside. However, the sound does vanish after some time. If that is the case, you have nothing to worry about, as it means your system is working just fine. But, if the clicking does not go away, the issue could be related to the ignition system. If not repaired, the clicking sounds will graduate to booming sounds, so you need to call an HVAC repair service as soon as you can.

If your cooling system produces any sound you cannot see on this list, always call for an HVAC repair service. Contact companies like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc to learn more. 

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