Signs Your Residential Furnace Is In Dire Need Of Heater Repairs

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Signs Your Residential Furnace Is In Dire Need Of Heater Repairs

Signs Your Residential Furnace Is In Dire Need Of Heater Repairs

22 June 2021
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Not many homeowners pay much attention to their furnaces during the warmer months since they are more focused on keeping their homes cool, especially during the summer. However, disregarding the maintenance of this system not only leads to underlying issues going undetected, but these problems can easily become exacerbated once you need your heating system to work.

Certainly, there are some symptoms of furnace issues that are subtle, making them hard to diagnose. However, you should also know some discernible red flags that you should seek heat repairs as soon as possible. This article outlines a couple of signs to be wary of that indicate your residential furnace is in dire need of heater repairs.

The furnace's operation is characterized by a stop-start cycle

When you turn your residential furnace, it should stay running for the duration that you keep it on. Hence, you should be able to hear a barely audible hum when this system is on. The moment you notice that the hum disappears and starts up again spontaneously, you should be concerned about your furnace short-cycling, which almost always warrants heater repairs.

This start-stop operation could be caused by a multitude of reasons. Most commonly, this symptom occurs when the fan motor on your heater is compromised but it can also occur when the filters are clogged with dirt. Overall, an HVAC contractor should come to diagnose and fix the cause.

The furnace is leaking gas into your home

The third sign of imminent heater repairs that should never go ignored is when your furnace starts to leak gas into your home. Typically, this will be accompanied by your furnace not switching on. Leaks are almost always a sign of a crack or a break in the gas line. You should be cognizant of the fact that inhaling this gas will lead to an assortment of health issues such as nausea, dizziness, chronic headaches, breathing problems, etc.

Hence, you must enlist heater repairs as soon as possible. Another danger posed by a leaking gas line is the risk of a fire on your property or in your home. A fire will not only lead to extensive property damage but will threaten your life and the lives of your loved ones. It is best to hire an HVAC contractor for heater repairs before you have a catastrophe on your hands.

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