How To Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Runs Efficiently

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How To Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Runs Efficiently

How To Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Runs Efficiently

7 May 2021
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Air conditioning is one of the most visible expenses in your home. When the heat outside increases, so does your electric bill. So how do you keep your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency to avoid wasting electricity?

Clean Your Ducts

Dirty ducts reduce your air conditioner's efficiency by reducing the airflow. When your ducts get clogged up with dirt and other debris, less air can fit through. The air passing through your ducts also slows down from the extra friction when they aren't perfectly clean and smooth.

You might try to fix this problem by cleaning your ducts yourself, but you'd probably make it worse. If you try to dust around the vents, you're more likely to stir up dust and send it deeper inside. It takes professional equipment to reach into the inner portions of your ducts and get them clean all the way through. Your air conditioning services professional can add this to your next maintenance visit.

Clean Your Exterior AC Unit

Your exterior AC unit is exposed to the elements. It's only a matter of time before it gets clogged up with leaves, dirt, or other yard debris.

If you try to hose it off yourself, you're only cleaning the outside. You're also risking pushing some dirt deeper inside. It's the interior mechanical components that you really need to be worried about.

Taking apart your air conditioner to clean it yourself is a bad idea. Improper cleaning of exposed mechanical parts can cause expensive damage. Let a trained professional do the work.

Check Your Freon Charge

Another common cause of lost air conditioning efficiency is low freon or refrigerant. Freon is a common type of refrigerant so most people call it freon, but your air conditioner could use a different type. Whatever type of refrigerant you have, it's essential to allowing your air conditioner to cool properly.

Your refrigerant is supposed to stay in a closed tube and never go down. However, a small leak could allow refrigerant to escape and reduce your cooling capacity. Since the leak is invisible and doesn't have a smell, you may not notice it. If the leak is small enough, you may also not notice your electric bill creeping up over time. An AC pro can check your refrigerant levels during your service visit and perform a repair if needed.

To learn more about keeping your air conditioner in great shape, contact a local air conditioning services company today.

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