Failure to Repair Your Heater Could Put You at a Dangerous Risk

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Failure to Repair Your Heater Could Put You at a Dangerous Risk

Failure to Repair Your Heater Could Put You at a Dangerous Risk

3 February 2021
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As long as the furnace at least powers on and produces some level of heat, it is easy to assume that putting off repairs until a later date is not a big deal. However, the truth is quite the opposite. When homeowners fail to perform repairs to their heating system promptly, there are serious risks that could follow. 

Allergy Threats

When a furnace is working efficiently, it does a great job circulating warmed air throughout your home, while at the same, trapping allergens and other airborne particles. As you might imagine, when a heater is not working efficiently, many of these contaminants remain in the air.

For a person that suffers from allergies, this recirculation of this contained air can make for an uncomfortable experience. While the threat may not come with any severe concerns, the idea of your home being a target zone for your allergens will make your home feel anything, but comfortable. A technician can determine what issue is preventing the air from circulating through the filter correctly to eliminate the issue. 

Carbon Monoxide Poison

If you have a gas furnace and it requires repairs, you absolutely do not want to put off repairs. The threat with gas furnaces is the potential for a carbon monoxide leak. When a gas furnace is not working efficiently, the carbon monoxide that is generally safely contained in the system can instead leak into your home and the air that your family breathes. Carbon monoxide poison can cause serious injury and even be fatal. You should immediately stop using the furnace and have it repaired in this scenario. 

Fire Hazard

Another serious threat that can come along with putting off furnace repairs is the threat of a fire. Heating system problems, including faulty wiring, overheating due to low-efficiency, or worn bearings can all serve as insulators for sparks and heat-trapping, and ultimately fire. 

Once the fire is sparked inside the unit, it is sometimes only a matter of time before the flame spreads, especially if no one is at home at the time. The most important thing to remember is that all of these fire-causing issues can be resolved with prompt repair. Having a technician regularly inspect your unit and repair problems right away keeps you safer. 

If you need heating system repairs, make sure you reach out to HVAC contractors as soon as possible to maintain the safety of your home and family. 

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