Why Are Commercial Heating Inspections Necessary?

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Why Are Commercial Heating Inspections Necessary?

Why Are Commercial Heating Inspections Necessary?

28 February 2020
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No matter what time of year, it is always a good idea to have your commercial heating system inspected. If you are in the thick of the winter season and you have not yet had your inspection done, it is not too late to do so even if you use are using your heating system all the time. The following are some benefits of a commercial heating inspection:

1. An Inspection Keeps Your Employees and Customers Safe

Regular heating system inspections help keep everyone who enters your establishment safe. If your heating system functions with natural gas, there is always the risk of the gas leaking at some point without you realizing it. This is a major disaster waiting to happen. An inspection with your HVAC contractor can find this problem and repair it quickly to prevent any potential problems.

2. An Inspection Keeps Your System Clean

A heating system, especially those in commercial use, can quickly get dirty. In addition to dirty air filters, the components can collect dust and debris that can completely clog the system and prevent it from working properly. The dust and debris buildup can also be a fire hazard. An inspection will keep your system clean and also help you prevent any problems with your local fire marshal.

3. An Inspection Keeps Your System Working Longer

A commercial heating system is a major investment and you want it to last as long as possible. Regular inspections help make that happen. The contractor will look for and repair any components that need attention. Over time, a heating system's heat exchanger can break or crack. Other components will weaken as they age. If you are not having regular inspections done, you may end up replacing your entire heating system sooner than you would have otherwise needed to.

4. An Inspection is Necessary for Your Warranty

If you have a warranty on your heating system, chances are you are required to have regular inspections done to keep the warranty valid. If you invalidate your warranty because you failed to have inspections done as outlined in your agreement, you will have to pay for any necessary repairs yourself. This can quickly add up, especially if any major problems arise. Commercial heating systems are extremely expensive to repair and replace, so it is absolutely beneficial to ensure all warranties remain valid.

Inspections of your entire HVAC system should be done at least a couple times a year. To help you remember, write down the need for an inspection on your calendar so you know to schedule it when the time comes to prevent any issues with your system.

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