3 Bad Things That Happen If You Never Clean Your Exterior AC Unit

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3 Bad Things That Happen If You Never Clean Your Exterior AC Unit

3 Bad Things That Happen If You Never Clean Your Exterior AC Unit

10 October 2019
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When it comes to proper maintenance of your AC system, there are several steps you should never neglect. However, there is one part of proper AC maintenance that gets neglected more often than most: cleaning the exterior condenser unit. This unit has thin vents that are meant to allow airflow through the unit, but these vents commonly get clogged with dirt, leaves, and grime. Here is a look at some of the bad things that can happen to your AC system if you do not have the exterior unit cleaned regularly. 

1. The AC system will not operate as efficiently. 

If you never take the time to clean the exterior components of the AC system, your entire system has to work harder to keep your home cool. Therefore, you could see a spike in how much you are paying for electricity every month just to enjoy a cooler house. The overall job of the exterior unit is to push warm air out of your home after it is pulled in by the interior AC system. Improper airflow due to a dirty unit can make this process harder to achieve, so your system will run longer just to try to keep your home cool. 

2. The AC system can overheat. 

If the outdoor components are not getting the proper airflow because the vents and openings are clogged, all that heat that gets generated within the unit just hangs around. Unfortunately, this generated heat makes it harder for the unit to function. For example, the fan inside is powered by a motor, and if that motor overheats, the components inside the motor can start to break down faster than what they should. Therefore, the fan motor may have to be replaced sooner than what it ever would be. 

3. The AC system will not keep your home as cool as it should be. 

You have an air conditioning system specifically because you want to stay cool while you are at home, of course. If you neglect the task of cleaning your outdoor components of the AC system on a regular basis, you simply will not have a home that is as cool as what it could be. This may not seem like a big problem, but it can mean the difference between enjoying that nice rush of cooled air when you step in from outside in the heat and just feeling a slight temperature variance. 

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