How To Get Ready For Your AC Installation

Some HVAC contractors are able to perform tasks beyond the heating and cooling system work that you expect. Click here for more information.

How To Get Ready For Your AC Installation

How To Get Ready For Your AC Installation

3 July 2019
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Having AC installed can make your home much more comfortable during the heat of summer, especially if you didn't have it, previously. Preparing for a first time AC installation is very important, so that everything goes smoothly. The following information, along with guidance from your AC installation service, can help you get ready.

Inspect the ducts

In most cases, your installer can use the existing ducts that were installed in your home for the furnace. To make sure they are up to the task, it is a good idea to have them cleaned, inspected, and sealed, before the installation. Most AC services can provide duct preparation, but, if not, then your installer should be able to recommend a duct cleaning service. By having this done before the installation, you can be sure that the new AC will run efficiently and cool correctly. Otherwise, you may have issues with uneven or insufficient cooling, as well as higher energy bills. As a bonus, your furnace will also perform better, after this service.

Clear the installation area

Your installer will need to access areas both inside and outside of the home. During the installation consultation, work with the installer to determine the best location for the outdoor unit. This way, you can make sure it is cleared of items like lawn furniture. You should also mow the lawn and trim back any bushes that could potentially impede the installation, as well as clear pathways to the area. Indoors, you will need to make sure the electrical panel is fully accessible. Make a point of asking the installer about anything else they will need access to, then take the necessary steps to make sure these areas are also clear and easy to reach.

Secure your pets

Your AC installer will be coming and going between your house and their work vehicle during the installation. If you have pets like cats or dogs, then the open door could prove tempting and lead to an escape. Avoid this heartache by making sure pets are secured within a room that won't need to be accessed during the installation. You also shouldn't keep pets outside, in the yard, or during installation, if there isn't a fence between the animals and the installation area. Not only is there the chance they will get out, they may get in the way. This can pose a danger to both the installer and your pets.

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