Times Your Furnace Might Need an Emergency Service Call

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Times Your Furnace Might Need an Emergency Service Call

Times Your Furnace Might Need an Emergency Service Call

25 January 2019
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It's always a problem when your furnace gives you trouble, but there are times when the problem is bad enough to need emergency repairs. You may debate whether or not you should call for emergency heating repairs because you don't want to pay for an emergency call or because you're not sure if a problem is serious. You can always call the furnace repair company and ask for advice, but in the meantime, here are some signs that could indicate you need your furnace repaired right away.

Sudden Loud Noises

When your furnace makes unusual noises, it's often a sign that something is wrong. Sometimes, the issue might be minor, such as a loose screw that's vibrating. Other times, the issue could be serious, and continuing to run the furnace could become a safety issue. If your furnace suddenly makes loud noises when it operates, call for help rather than delay so you don't cause more damage to occur by operating the furnace with damaged parts.

When the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Goes Off

You should have a functioning carbon monoxide alarm near your furnace so combustion problems are detected early. If the alarm goes off, shut down the furnace and call for a technician to inspect and repair your furnace before you turn the heat back on. Excess carbon monoxide in your home can be dangerous, and you don't want to expose your family or pets by continuing to run the furnace.

When You Detect Unusual Odors

If your furnace has an unusual odor, that could be cause for concern. The odor may be from a natural gas leak or burning from an electrical problem. Call your furnace repair company right away and follow their advice for shutting your furnace down, such as turning off the gas or flipping off the breaker, until a repair technician can assess the situation.

When You Have No Heat

When your furnace stops working completely, then it may or may not be an emergency. If it's not all that cold and you can bundle up, then you might be able to wait for a service call. However, if you have a baby, elderly adult, or sick person in the house, then you need the heat fixed as soon as possible, and that may require an emergency service call.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should check the filter when your furnace has problems. A clogged filter can cause a number of issues that might clear up when you put in a new filter. Besides checking the filter, check the thermostat and the electrical panel for a tripped circuit just to make sure simple fixes won't get your furnace working again. If you're uncomfortable with the way your furnace is acting, call a company like I C E Heating & Cooling for advice and help so you know your family is safe and you're not causing harm to your furnace by operating it.

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