Summer Is Coming: 2 Tips To Ensure Your Home Stays Cool During The Hot Weather

Some HVAC contractors are able to perform tasks beyond the heating and cooling system work that you expect. Click here for more information.

Summer Is Coming: 2 Tips To Ensure Your Home Stays Cool During The Hot Weather

Summer Is Coming: 2 Tips To Ensure Your Home Stays Cool During The Hot Weather

10 April 2018
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The hot weather may not be here yet, but it is coming. When it gets hot you cannot do much about it outside, but you can make sure your home stays cool inside. Below are two tips on how you can get started, so you and your family will stay comfortable no matter what the temperature is outside.

Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning unit has not been serviced in some time, now is the time to do it. The air conditioning contractor can run tests on your unit to ensure it is working properly. They will also check the refrigerant level -- if it is low, your ac unit will not cool properly.

The contractor will check the fin blades. If they are crooked, air will not be distributed properly. A fin comb can be used to straighten the blades. This tool has strong wire bristles that pull the metal fin blades straight. This tool can also be used to clean the blades.

Each internal component will be checked separately. When finished, the contractor will turn the unit on and set the temperature inside the home. They use a temperature gauge to check the temperature of the air coming out of the vent.

If your ac unit is old, the contractor will likely suggest that you upgrade it with a brand new one. AC replacement will not only keep your home cooler, but can also help you save money on your energy bills; this is because the unit will not have to run as often to keep your house at the right temperature.


Air can escape through any kind of leak in a window; once this happens, your ac unit will run constantly. To prevent this, check the weather stripping on each window. If you see any stripping that is damaged or deteriorating, you need to replace it. You can buy replacement stripping at a home improvement store.

If your windows are old, now would be a good time to replace them. You have a variety of windows to choose from, such as:

  • Double hung: Double hung windows have two sashes. One sash slides vertically up and the other slides vertically down.
  • Casement: Casement windows are hinged, and you open the window using a hand crank, or via a remote if you purchase electronic casement windows.
  • Picture window: A picture window is large and does not open. It is generally placed in a dining room or living room to show a view outside.
  • Awning: Awning windows open from the right, left, and from the bottom. This type of window opens outward and is commonly installed below a stationary window.

Talk with an air conditioning contractor and a windows contractor about this information and they can give you more details.

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