3 Reasons To Invest In End-Of-Season Furnace Care

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3 Reasons To Invest In End-Of-Season Furnace Care

3 Reasons To Invest In End-Of-Season Furnace Care

27 February 2018
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Your furnace has given a solid performance this winter, but with spring just around the corner, it's time to give it the break it deserves. But before you put your furnace to rest for the season, you should have your trusted HVAC technician give it some end-of-season TLC. A little pre-spring care can go a long way towards keeping your furnace in great shape and minimize the need for heating repairs.

The following offers three detailed reasons why you should have your furnace checked and maintained before the end of the heating season.

1. Performance

One good reason to have your furnace checked out at the end of the heating season is to preserve and improve its performance. Throughout the previous winter, there's a good chance your furnace has suffered a minor drop in performance due to ordinary wear and tear. For instance, fouled furnace burners, dirty air filters, and leaking vents can cause your furnace's performance to decline.

End-of-season maintenance helps address these and other issues that can negatively impact your furnace's performance. Your HVAC technician will test and replace these items as needed, ensuring your furnace runs flawlessly the next time you need it.

2. Prevention

Prevention is always worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to your furnace. End-of-season furnace care gives your HVAC technician an opportunity to check for minor issues that could easily grow into bigger problems if left unchecked.

Addressing minor issues through preventative maintenance can save you an expensive emergency repair later on. Preventing small problems from turning into bigger ones also ensures that your heating equipment works reliably and lasts longer.

You can also prevent expensive utility bills from eating into your seasonal budget through end-of-season maintenance. Your technician will check and replace components that can increase your furnace's energy consumption

3. Safety

Safety is another reason to have your furnace serviced at the end of the heating season. Poor furnace maintenance can set the stage for carbon monoxide leaks. Odorless and invisible, carbon monoxide can cause a broad range of symptoms, including headaches, dizziness, and vomiting. Exposure in high enough concentrations can lead to loss of consciousness and even death.

Through end-of-season maintenance, your HVAC technician can spot problems that could potentially lead to carbon monoxide leaks. Having your furnace proactively maintained will also prevent gas leaks and other safety issues that could easily cause a catastrophic failure or serious injury to yourself and others in your home. 

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