Why Boiler Maintenance Is Different From Furnace Maintenance

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Why Boiler Maintenance Is Different From Furnace Maintenance

Why Boiler Maintenance Is Different From Furnace Maintenance

13 January 2018
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Not all means of heating are created equal. In fact, with the dozens of options provided by the half-dozen heating appliances, consumers have even more options today for heating their homes than they did a century ago. That also means that HVAC technicians also have had to keep up with the times to provide the correct HVAC services for every customer. Take boiler maintenance and furnace maintenance for example. Both are means of heating, but their construction is as different as their fuel and energy options are many. Here is why maintenance of these two heating appliances is so different. 

You Can Open a Furnace to Look Inside

Furnaces, regardless of the fuel they use to operate, are not quite as dangerous as boilers. More to the point, you can open up a furnace and peek inside to see what is going on without concern for major injury. You cannot do that with a boiler.

A boiler that has been running for some time has hot steam inside that is under pressure. If you open a boiler under these conditions, it could blast you in the face, arms, torso, or hands and cause burns. This is why an HVAC technician will request that you either make a maintenance appointment for your boiler before you turn it on for the season, or turn your boiler off for at least a full day before he/she arrives to do maintenance and repairs.

You Want to Be Very Careful with Electric Boilers

Water and electricity do not mix. However, that does not stop people from creating appliances that create or utilize water and steam while they are plugged or wired into your electrical system. The technician knows how to manage an electrical boiler such that he/she will not get electrocuted while doing maintenance. As for electric furnaces, there is virtually no chance of electrocution because there is no water present in the furnace (unless your basement is flooded, and that is a whole different kind of problem).

HVAC Technicians Know It All and Do It All

Unless an HVAC technician specifically advertises that he/she does not provide certain services, it is safe to assume that he/she knows it all and does it all. This is good news for you since you will have no worries about your boiler. Likewise, you will have no worries about any heating or cooling appliance, and issues with your ventilation are also addressed.

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